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Mindfulness-Based Programmes Teacher Training pre-course self-study:

We are an externally accredited Provider of Training Excellence with the Professional Development Consortium and CPD Standards Office.

Our unique pre-course preparation course has been specifically designed to help you prepare as best you can, with the time you have available so that you can make the most of your time with us on the online modular (4 x 2-days, once per month, price shown here) or 7-day in-person intensive Residential Teacher Training courses.

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"The expertise of the teacher, Kathy was evident in the preparation materials. The course manual - its comprehensive coverage of all aspects of mindfulness, accessible written style and format, and professional tone set the expectations and feel for the course and has been an invaluable tool throughout the course. The meditation full transcripts, skeleton transcripts, and the videos ensured all levels and styles of learners were catered for and well supported. The delicate balance of de-mystifying MBSR and mindfulness and maintenance of professionalism and integrity to the skills being taught was expertly managed"

Georgina. Head Teacher. Level One course 2022

What you'll learn with the pre-course preparation course:

  • How to get started with the preparation for your course, often the most difficult step!

  • Dive into resources to support your development as a Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness-Based Teacher

  • Learn the art of participant-centred and inquiry-based guiding

  • Explore the Intentions and teaching considerations for Mindfulness-Based Programmes MBP and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction MBSR

  • Discover the spectrum of teaching intentions in an 8-week course, and how the core practices support this framework

  • Start to practice teaching with trauma-sensitive Mindfulness-Based Programmes full and skeleton transcripts, mp3 recordings, and how to prepare to teach videos


PLEASE NOTE: This course is ONLY for those that have enrolled in the Mindful Academy International Mindfulness-Based Programmes Teacher Training course.

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As a 3rd party externally Accredited Provider of Training Excellence© with the globally recognized Professional Development Consortium and CPD Standards Office, our courses offer you gold standard in-person and live online interactive mindfulness courses.

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This course includes:
  • Please note: The cost shown above is the cost of the Teaching Mindfulness-Based Programmes modular Teacher Training course. A L1 student coupon for free access to this pre-course preparation course will be sent after you have paid the €400 deposit for either the modular or Residential intensive Teacher Training Course.

  • Include in this pre-course are: downloadable Trauma-Sensitive teaching resources including the Level One course manual, over TWO HOURS of how to prepare to teach videos, full and skeleton core practice transcripts, pre-course study guide, mp3 recordings of the core practices, and more...

  • Lifetime access on iPad, laptop and PC

  • Private peer support group

  • Pre-course preparation also includes one pre-course supervision session and email support with Kathy Ward.